Sunday, September 6, 2009

Jack In The BeanStalk!

It's hard (at least for me!) to capture size and scale... but this is one of my gourd vines. I'm pointing at a canteen gourd and the vine has climbed all the way up and into our Leyland Cypress trees! Now I know where the inspiration for Jack In The Beanstalk came from! The author must have grown gourds!


  1. that is one very impressive gourd vine!! I have planted my seeds but no sigh of anything yet - going to try and start some on wet paper towel in a plastic bag and see if they will germinate or if they are just too old :( Let me know how you go with the drying out, will be interested to see how long it takes:)

  2. LOL...I can relate to extreme gourd vines this year, mine grew all over the trelles across the groung all around and over my birdbath and are headed for the drive way. I love to see how big they grow over night. Let me know if you see Jack. Oh how about the Goose that lays those Golden eggs!