Monday, March 29, 2010

Tatting Chic

Congratulations to my friend, Tatting Chic!  She is celebrating her Two Year Blogoversary!  As part of her celebration, she is having a Giveaway!  Hop on over to her blog and post for your chance to win a lovely book on tatting, a tatting shuttle and some beautiful thread!  Here is a wonderful opportunity to learn to tat!
Many moons ago I learned to tat.  Gosh!  It takes a lot of patience, but it's fun!  Unlike knitting and crochet, you can't just pull the thread and unravel to the place where you made your "oops!".  The delicate lace-like quality of tatting is truly unique.  Check out an earlier post of mine to see what an amazing 100 year-old woman who lives near me tatted!  I have one of her delicate Christmas ornaments - Lucky me!  Here is another one of her ornaments (sitting amidst my collection of Pot Bellys) on my library shelf!

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  1. Hi Terrielee! Thanks for the shoutout and the two comments on my blog post about my blogoversary to ensure your two entries! That is a lovely ornament your 100 yr old friend made you! I'm off to go check out that blog post about her!
    Good luck in the blogoversary drawing to you! Thank you for your enthusiasm!
    ~TattingChic ♥