Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cleaning Gourds

If you read my blog last summer, you know that I grew gourds!  I not only grew them, but God grew them and they took over our entire yard!
I wasn't sure what to do with my massive harvest, but most of my research encouraged me to let the gourds harden outside (where they had grown) over the winter months.  I did this with more or less positive results, although some of the gourds split :(
Now I have to clean them - ugh!  Again, back to the internet...  "Bring them in after a good soaking rain."  Sunday we had a downpour!  On Monday I brought about thirty mouldy and crusty gourds that were good and wet into the kitchen, filled one side of the sink with water and covered the gourds with a wet towel.  One by one, I used a scrubber on the gourds to remove all of the yuk!
This morning I looked at them all with great satisfaction!  They are *beautiful*!


  1. grown some gourds but not sure when I too have to take them off the vine.they are still green, could you let me know please.love glenda

  2. Hi Glenda!
    I live not too far from a gourd farm. They have a wonderful website with an interesting page with Tips & Information. Here is the link:
    Good Luck!