Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hope For A Village, Haiti

Here is "the team"... and the wonderful Loulou and Madame Loulou, who were the most generous and gracious people.  They opened their hearts and their home to us!

There were 10 of us: a doctor, several nurses and paramedics.  We came from Pennsylvania, Missouri and Florida.

Arriving on different flights, we met up with each other at the home of Madame Loulou's sister in La Plaine, Port-au-Prince.  For our safety, we spent the night there, rather than journeying to Cotes-de-Fer in the dark.  Our adventure began with a simple Haitian dinner followed by a night under the Haitian stars.  Some slept on the roof others on the porch!

The picture on the left is the rooftop in Cotes-de-Fer...  I don't have a picture of the rooftop in Port-au-Prince!

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