Sunday, October 23, 2011

Live & Learn

Today I decided (with all my new skills!) to make an angel for my friend's upcoming birthday.
Well… to begin with… How does one construct an angel??? I cut the glass for her robe and sleeve - simple enough! Foiled, tinned and even did some decorative soldering…. "This is fun", I thought.
Then came the little wire hand. Grrrr…
it was almost perfect… one more dab of solder should "do it", I thought… And just like that it went on a crazy angle! :-(
Thinking I could easily correct it by gently bending it, I learned a new lesson :-(. I cracked the solder, breaking the underlying foil seam. It wasn't all that noticeable, but I knew it was there, so I pulled it apart. Tomorrow I'll fix it… *sigh*
Live and Learn…. :-(

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